Go To Spain

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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One thing is certain if you go to Spain. You will want to go back. Once I had graduated from college (the seventh and last in the family to do so), money that had once fallen into university coffers was spent by my parents on travel. They took a trip to Portugal and Spain that first year--and the second, and the third, and so on. For each of the next 15 years, in fact, they flew across the Atlantic to the Iberian peninsula. Some years they went twice.

17 Perfectly Good Reasons to Go to Spain

The 92,000-odd square miles of Spain are broken into 51 provinces and 17 regions. Each one offers a wealth of history, rich landscape, varied terrain, fine cuisine, and hearty wines, which you'll come to appreciate when you go to Spain. Most of the country is a large plateau, or plain. If you're old enough to remember the movie My Fair Lady, you'll certainly recall that "the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain." The statement, however, isn't altogether true.

This plateau is divided by Sistema Central mountains, which run at something of an upwards angle west to east. Two are remarkably tall: Penalara at 7,972 feet and Almanzor at 8,497 feet. Around the plateau are more mountains, but the best known range is the Alpian Pyrenees, which divide Spain from France. Spain's Canary Islands in the Atlantic are volcanic (like the Portuguese Azores) and home to its highest peak, Teide, which stands at 12,188 feet.

But odds are that you will not go to Spain to study its geology, though that's an interesting story. You will most likely be attracted by the bull running in Pamplona, the marvelous and independent Basque culture and country, or the beautiful Mediterranean enclave of islands. Then again, you might be interested in the rich and varied cuisine and its great and rich wines.

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