Incentives To Travel

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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That the list of incentives to travel is too long to print goes almost without saying. Almost is the operative word. It is too easy to inadvertently let the passport expire, to not find the two or three weeks all at one convenient time. I've been guilty of both in recent years. We all know about getting swept up in the daily grind.

Perhaps you haven't traveled extensively abroad in the first place. The wanderlust bug has never bitten. Home is a great place to be. We know what it's like to settle for taking only long weekends away--whether at the beach or in the mountains or perhaps to New York or San Francisco. Who has time to plan a proper excursion? What are the real incentives to travel anyhow?

Incentives to Travel

No matter what your particular interest in history, culture, cuisine, or country, you surely have a spark or two of curiosity about other places. Maybe the challenge of planning either the holiday of your dreams or that neat little venture to Mount Etna or the natural springs of Portugal or the old city of Prague is too daunting. Among the incentives to travel is that you needn't do the planning yourself to enjoy the white beaches of Costa Rica and the Caribbean, the refreshing Pacific breezes of Vancouver, or the vineyards and museums of northern Italy.

There are too many missed opportunities as it is that we can't be expected to recognize until afterwards. Think of how empty life would be without new faces, fresh experiences, and new places to see. The seven wonders of the ancient world were opportunities of the moment. Only a few of them survive, and most are fragmentary ruins. Only the pyramids of Egypt still stand as they always have. Do you really want to miss the canals of Venice, the cuisine of France and Italy, the rugged sweep of the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean sun over the Rock of Gibraltar? Think about it.

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