San Sebastian Wine Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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For the culinary traveler, San Sebastian wine tours are a must, it's that simple. Lying in the heart of Spain's famous Basque country, the city of San Sebastian is called Donastia in the Basque language (Euskera). Ideally sited on the Bay of Biscay off the Atlantic, it is surrounded by green mountains. The numerous small fishing villages nearby are, along with the small farms inland, the heart of the Basque.

San Sebastian itself is one of Spain's loveliest cities, just across the Pyrenees and the border from France. Queen Isabella II put it on the map in 1845 when she visited. It has remained prominent ever since. For the rest of the 19th century it enjoyed renown as the summer capital for wealthy Spanish aristocrats. Today it is just as popular for many of the same reasons among a great many more people. San Sebastian wine tours will give you a taste of that and far more!

San Sebastian Wine Tours: the Basics

You're familiar with the overall Iberian peninsula, right? The rugged Pyrenees mountain chain is one of Spain's two land borders with the rest of continental Europe, specifically France. To the west, of course, facing the Atlantic, containing Europe's westernmost post, is Portugal. But it occupies only 15 percent of the peninsula to Spain's 85 percent.

Back to the Pyrenees, however, and immediately west (left) of them are the three provinces of the Basque region. San Sebastian is the capital of the easternmost of the three Guipuzcoa, Spain's smallest province. Many of the great vineyards, however, are in the island province of Alava. San Sebastian wine tours are your ticket to learning about and sampling all of the Basque country wines, from the famous La Rioja to the unusual Txacoli Bodegas. Enjoy!

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