Sicily Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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If you're looking for ideas on enjoying the Mediterranean sun, be sure to put Sicily tours on your short list. The island, which lies just off the toe of the boot that is Italy, has a great deal to offer. With dramatically varying landscapes, an incredibly rich history, and a wonderfully diverse culture, Sicily is about as hospitable as any place can get.

What Sicily Tours Have to Offer

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily is also one of the more densely populated. But don't envision a lot of pavement on Sicily tours, because you won't find it. Instead, you'll see Mount Etna--Europe's largest active volcano--standing nearly 11,000 feet on the eastern end of the island, and stretching westward a varying landscape of vineyards, wheat fields, olive groves, and ragged coastline. Inhabited for 10,000 years, Sicily has been conquered so many times it's almost beyond counting.

The result of this succession of Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Moors--to name only the earlier ones--is a marvel for archaeologists, art lovers, and architectural buffs on Sicily tours. Scattered across the island as well are both the ruins of and standing castles and fortifications, whether Saracen, Norman, Spanish, or Moorish. You'll find Greek temples, Roman amphitheaters, Baroque churches, and Gothic cathedrals.

Amidst all the exploring of citrus groves, basalt formations, wildlife sanctuaries, and Mediterranean beaches, you'll doubtless think about a meal now and again. Prepare for incredible feasts. Sicily offers the best of Italian cuisine and much of its own eclectic heritage. Olive oil, seafood, and wonderful fruits and vegetables grown in the volcanic soils predominate. Regional specialties you must taste to believe and savor include caponata, frutta da Martorana, and finnochio con sarde, to name just three.

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