Small Group Cultural Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The spirit of adventure you had at 21--when most of us are game to head to Europe or Asia with a backpack and no plan--has given way to researching small group cultural tours for a good reason. Fortunately, one is only 13 once, and the same goes for 21. Most of us have something of a knee-jerk reaction on graduating from college, and bolt at least for a time.

That was then. Wouldn't it be wonderful to enjoy the cafes of Paris or the waters of the Aegean or even the majesty of the Himalayas with a group of good friends? The notion of small group cultural tours suddenly seems incredibly sane, relaxed, and quite the ideal. Taking the time to discuss a few alternative destinations, and then research the tour offerings, is worth the effort.

The idea is that a casual group of like-minded adults relaxes both during and after a full day exploring architecture in the Mediterranean sun. Who better than those who know the region to plan small group tours around sampling the gold garlic soups and Fino wines of Andalucia or hearty meat stews of and full-bodied red wines of Castile and Leon? Small group cultural tours are geared towards precisely this.

Small Group Cultural Tours: a Few Ideas

The Greek islands have great appeal, and the mainland as well. It might be that the closest you've gotten to those deep blue waters, that warm Aegean sun, pristine white sand, and whitewashed walls is the photography books with a cat around every corner and a delicious hint of roasted lamb and rich wines. All of the Mediterranean is especially inviting. Italy and Spain are rich in art and architecture, food and wine, as well as history. If you are opera fans, you'll need to look toward Sicily and Palermo. No question that the Mediterranean is an endless vista of possibilities!

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