Small Group Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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In flipping the coin on ways to travel, one question is whether to go alone, to travel independently with a spouse or friend, or to opt for small group tours. Climbing a mountain calls for a small group, as does enjoying the cuisines and wines of other countries. The marvels of sailing in the South Pacific or snorkeling off the Great Barrier Reef are no different.

How better can one enjoy a week or two of new landscapes, wonderful gastronomy, and hospitable culture than with a small group of friends? Meals are as much social occasions as they are sustenance. Adventures are most enjoyable when shared. Friends and travel companions, furthermore, are ideally suited to prod one into more small group tours, more shared adventures, more appreciation for life.

Small Group Tours: a Few Ideas

I confess I don't quite remember what Don Quixote was after when he attacked the windmills, but it's safe to assume that it wasn't the cuisine and wines of Spain. Had it been, he mightn't have been so lanky. The gastronomy of Spain is as varied and rich as the landscape of the country's 17 regions. A holiday with friends in the Basque country to the north or the Andalucian along the Mediterranean, complemented perhaps by a watching a bullfight in Madrid or a day amidst the art treasures of the Prado, would surely be memorable.

No less so might be a gastronomic adventure in the Aegean islands, the Grand Canaries, or perhaps Crete or Sicily. Sicily and Palermo, in fact, are marvelously inviting. The island is the most densely populated in the Mediterranean, and has been lived on for some 10,000 years--meaning a rich and varied history. Ruins, Phoenicians, Byzantines, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Bourbons, and others aside, what Sicily offers small group tours is rugged land, almond orchards, lemon groves, splendid vineyards, ancient olive groves, and a gastronomic delight. Think about it as a destination.

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