Wine And Gastronomy Custom Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Wine and gastronomy custom tours are without doubt something of an indulgence in some respects. Life is too short as it is, however, not to make the most of opportunities. Sometimes it's up to us to create the opportunities. What better way to learn about another country than to study its history, taste its cooking, and drink its wine for a few weeks? "Food and drink," my grandfather used to say, "are the stuff of my diet."

To enjoy that experience with others of similar mind and adventurous culinary spirit only heightens the pleasure for everyone. Meals are social occasions, an opportunity to expand horizons and have a great time doing so. Designing or going on wine and gastronomy custom tours means taking hospitality seriously, accepting what others are happy to give, and giving back by accepting. What more to life is there than that?

One Perspective on Wine and Gastronomy Custom Tours

Envision--just to take one example--traveling in Normandy along the coast near Mont St. Michel. The weather is damp, the buildings stone, and the soccer match intense. The locals prevail over Paris amidst the drizzle, and head to a local restaurant to celebrate. Festive with victory, they invite the small group in the restaurant (meaning me and a friend) to join them.

Seven or eight festive courses alternate with dancing and light salads. It begins with North Atlantic seafood in orderly procession with regional white wines and bouillabaisse, followed by lamb, red wine, and slivered beef. At the end comes a local cognac and the Camembert from a nearby village that year in and year out keeps winning the prestigious AOC label. That particular feast was certainly a fortuitous happenstance (and no less vivid 20 years later). But the cuisine and experience are characteristic of what wine and gastronomy custom tours offer, if you're bold enough to try one. You might think of Spain, Greece, Portugal, or Italy rather than France. The destination doesn't matter. Go for it!

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