Women Only Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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There are many perfectly good reasons to be thinking about women only tours. Whether you're single by choice, happenstance, or just want to be for a brief respite, the option is a great way to travel and not worry about traveling alone. Safety often enough does come in numbers, after all.

Furthermore, we all enjoy down time, and women only tours are a "place" to find it. What better way to relax, get away from competition, stress, the workaday world, than with a group of other women out to enjoy the same thing? Just as men enjoy their "bonding" time, so do women. It's not just single women who might be traveling alone and looking for interesting tours.

Perhaps your other half simply isn't interested in a lazy tour of Tuscany in the Mediterranean sun, enjoying conversation over regional wine and cuisine after a day's bicycling the vineyard hillsides or museums. That's no reason for you not to, if the idea's attractive. Maybe you're thinking more of snorkeling in the barrier reefs off Belize and bird watching in rainforests, and like the idea of like-minded companions. Women only tours might be just the answer.

Finding Women Only Tours

The fact is, if you haven't the time or organizational oomph (or have left it all at the office) to plan your own trip with friends or colleagues, you probably want to look at tour agencies. Your best bet is to first identify a country or two, or an activity or two, that you'd especially enjoy. Then look for small companies that specialize in either the country or the type of activity you enjoy. What you want to find is a group that focuses on small groups and customized tours. Good luck!

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