Antigua Hotels

Written by Jessica Duquette
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About Antigua

Antigua hotels are plentiful in this small 14 mile stretch of island. Tourists come to Antigua all year round to enjoy the moderate temperatures. An Antigua winter only drops to approximately 75 degrees, whereas the summer tops out at a beautiful 85 degrees.

Only 68,000 people populate this small Caribbean island. Many of these citizens work in the tourism industry, the major money maker for this island. More than 365 beaches cover the 108 square miles of Antigua, giving you breathtaking views at almost every inch of shoreline.

Types of Antigua Hotels

Antigua hotels come in all shapes and sizes. From family-oriented programs to adult-only vacations, you can customize your own Antigua vacation. Many websites and travel agents offer in-depth information on each of the hotels. This will prove helpful for you when you begin to plan out your Caribbean vacation.

Three, five-star resorts sit on the island. Blue Waters, Curtain Bluff and Galley Bay are superb choices for those looking for high-class accommodations and white glove service. Other resorts are equally as nice and may come with a lesser price tag.

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