Antigua Resorts

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Antigua resorts offer several all-inclusive packages which may save you money and stress while staying on the island. There are many benefits to all-inclusive packages if you and your family will take full advantage of them. For others, the expense of these packages may not be worth your investment.

All Inclusive Antigua Resorts

All-inclusive Antigua resorts enable families to check in to the hotel and never again worry about money. Whether your son wants another Coca-cola, or your daughter needs an afternoon snack, you'll never have to worry about opening your wallet. Additionally, no matter how often food and drinks are ordered, the price of your bill never goes up.

Why All-Inclusive Works

Now if you are like me, one or two frozen cocktails can quickly turn into a very expensive bar bill. Rather that count pennies each time I order a drink, knowing that everything is included is calming to both me and my bank account. You don't want to spend your vacation wondering how much it's going to cost you each time you order a Margarita.

For couples who eat and drink minimally, these package prices may seem very high. If you don't think you'll get your money's worth, it may be a better idea to opt for a resort that has European-style plans. This means the cost of all food, beverage and activities are tallied each time you or a family member orders one of these items. In this case, you are paying by consumption.

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