Curacao Resorts

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Outside the Walls of Curacao Resorts

Curacao resorts are nestled in and around the Dutch architecture that still lines the streets today. These pastel colored buildings maintain the Dutch heritage that is so characteristic of this island. Willemstad is the capital of Curacao and is one of the hottest tourist attractions on the island.

The avid shopper could spend a day in the island's capital spending money on local fruits, vegetables or duty-free items such as liquor or tobacco. This is an excellent way to spend a day away from the pampering of resort life. Venture out by foot or by jeep and uncover non-tourist locations that reveal the true culture of Curacao.

Uncover Shipwrecks

Curacao resorts attract many frequent divers from around the world. The Curacao Underwater Marine Park is the reason why thousands of tourists flock to Curacao each year. Located just off the southern shoreline, there are 12 miles of coral reef and shipwrecks to explore with your diving partners.

When planning your trip to Curacao, you may want to avoid traveling from October until February. This is typically the winter season in Curacao and is likely to experience an annual minimum of 22 inches of rain. All other times of the year visitors can expect a temperature in the mid eighties, perfect for scuba diving or relaxing in the sun.

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