Curacao Vacation

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Curacao vacation rentals can be more affordable than you may otherwise think. The Caribbean has been stereotyped by high priced rumors. Many of us land-locked tourists think wading in clear blue waters is an experience for the rich, not the money-conscious people like yourself.

How to Afford the Caribbean

A Curacao vacation for your family doesn't have to deplete your savings. Sure, some of the all-inclusive resorts are quite expensive, but there are plenty of other options that you should explore. The Bon Bini Seaside Resort offers guests their choice of 28 bungalows each with their own full size kitchen.

Part of the costs associated with vacation packages is the cost of food and beverage. When you don't have the luxury of attending an all-inclusive resort, each glass of soda and every snack that enters your family's mouth is money out of the bank. By booking your vacation at one of these bungalow-style resorts you'll be able to cook several meals a day inside.

Villa-Style Curacao Vacation

Rather than paying for bacon and eggs for breakfast, send your family off to the beach with bagels and cream cheese. Everyone is so anxious to take advantage of the Caribbean weather that no one will stop to appreciate gourmet food anyway. You can cut plenty of corners with apartment or villa-style accommodations.

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