Maui Beach Cottages

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Maui beach cottages offer a slice of island living. Some people like to be in high-rise hotels on their vacations; my guess is that you're not one of those people and Maui is a great place for you. When you move beyond the resort areas, you'll enjoy a slower, more peaceful way of life.

Laid-Back Activity: Maui Beach Cottages

Outside of the main tourist areas, people stop everything and ride the waves when the surf's up. Taking time to watch the sunset is a daily routine. Maui is warm and friendly, with an easygoing lifestyle that's perfect for relaxation and taking in the incredible scenery. You can have it all within reach when you stay off the beaten path with Maui beach cottages.

In Maui, you may be inspired to do things you might not do otherwise, like waking before dawn to catch the sunrise over Haleakala crater, then mountain biking down 37 switchbacked miles back to sea level. You might paddle a sea kayak out to see humpbacked whales up close, swim a waterfall's clear pool, or take time in the rainforest to discover a whole new world of exotic flowers.

You and your travel companion will love Maui's spectacular scenery and will savor its relaxing pace. Look for Maui beach cottages when planning your Hawaiian vacation. Don't be surprised if you are reluctant to leave this wonderful island.

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