Maui Vacations Beach Bungalows

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Maui vacations beach bungalows offer access to a great array of attractions. Once home to a thriving commercial whaling port, Maui has now blended the past and present to create a destination rich in culture and varied in possibilities. From the Iao Valley State Park and the serene beauty of the Hana coast to the excitement of Kaanapalai Beach, the upscale Wailea Resort and the strip in Lahaina Town, Maui vacations beach bungalows are a fun vacation opportunity.

Get to Know Paradise with Maui Vacations Beach Bungalows

The Hawaiian island of Maui is 727 square miles and has three peaks more than a mile high, thousands of waterfalls, 120 miles of shoreline, and more than 80 golden sand beaches including 2 more than a mile long. The island is the result of a merger of two volcanoes, the 10,023 ft. high Haleakala and the 5,788 ft. high Puu Kukui that spilled so much lava between them that they created a valley. This valley is the heart of the island.

Maui is as lush as an equatorial rainforest. It packs a lot of nature around its landscape and its microclimates each contain different flora and fauna. Some of its microclimates include the equatorial rainforest in Hana, desert in Makea, hot Lahaina, and the misty coolness of Kula. The shores of Hookapa are great for windsurfers while breezes waft over golfers in Kapalua.

The trip from the top of Halekala crater down to Maui's seas full of whales is 11,000 ft. and you can experience it all in the same day on this compact island. Shopping, art galleries, beaches, spas, and golf are all offered on Maui. Maui vacations beach bungalows allow you to take a personal look at this marvelous natural wonder.

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