St. Barts Villa Rentals

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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St. Barts villa rentals allow you to become part of a blend of casual Caribbean spice and quintessentially French chic. St. Barthelemy, also known as St. Barts, is located in the French West Indies 150 miles east of Puerto Rico and 15 miles southeast of St. Martin. The diminutive isle island offers lush volcanic hillsides and 32 splendid white sand beaches, most of which are sheltered by both cliffs and reefs.

A French Gem: St. Barts Villa Rentals

St. Barthelemy is the crown jewel of the French West Indies, where you will find luxury accommodations, exquisite dining, and sophisticated travelers. The tiny island mixes a feeling of both French and American upper crust together for a feeling of Monaco in the Caribbean. The beaches are beautiful and you may even spot a celebrity or two sunbathing.

The vibrant bar and restaurant scene is another major draw, and the best restaurants accordingly charge premium prices. St. Barts villa rentals are a great way to avoid exorbitantly priced luxury resorts and ensconce yourself in secluded privacy when you wish. Begin your vacation planning online, where several companies allow you to browse their images of St. Barts villa rentals.

A private St. Barts villa is the proper way to experience a truly exquisite tropical destination. You'll retire to a tastefully appointed property with all the amenities after your days of tropical fun and evenings which may include fine dining and socializing. St. Barts villa rentals are the essential way to experience this unique Caribbean island without investing in island property yourself!

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