St. Lucia Vacations

Written by Jessica Duquette
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St. Lucia Vacations are frequently discounted though that information is rarely publicized for the average consumer. As such, when you plan your next Caribbean vacation it would behoove you to research all your options before reserving your all-inclusive trip. You may be able to stay free one or more nights or shave off a percentage from your total bill.

Booking St. Lucia Vacations

When researching St. Lucia Vacations you will come across dozens of four star hotels that can accommodate your every whim. A combination of golf, spa treatments and relaxing time spent at the swim up bar are the bare necessities to make this trip worthwhile. Lucky for you, nearly every resort can accommodate those simple wishes.

While in St. Lucia take a short walk down to Rodney Bay Marina. There you will find dozens of yachts and boats anchored from all over the world. Enjoy your morning coffee while nibbling on some of the best baked goods around the Bread Basket, a local bakery.

Shop at the Local Markets

Castries, St. Lucia is the capital of the island and also home to an open air market. This European-style shopping allows you to hand pick island fruits and vegetables. Enjoy these luscious Caribbean fruits alone or in a frozen daiquiri.

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