Travel To Barbados

Written by Jessica Duquette
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About Barbados

Travel to Barbados and enjoy the sounds of Reggae and Calypso. The island of Barbados was formed only 1 million years ago. Due to a slow shift in the earth's plates over millions of years, the sea bed was pushed up and eventually formed the small island of Barbados which is 21 miles long and 14 miles wide.

If an escape is what you're looking for, travel to Barbados and bask in the year-round 80 degree temperature. Once there you can choose from several different types of resorts: waterfront property, family-friendly resorts, or a romantic getaway. Each of these accommodations is spectacular in its own way.

The All-Inclusive Way to Travel to Barbados

Many families choose an all-inclusive resort when they travel to the Caribbean. There are many benefits to purchasing a vacation package in this form. First, you pay one, flat fee and your expenses are completely covered. That is to say your food, beverage and accommodations are completely paid for. Anything additional, such as water sports or excursions may require additional funds.

While the fee for these all-inclusive resorts may seem high, you'd be amazed at how much money a family of five can spend on food and drink in just a few days. To avoid the shock of your hotel or bar bill, invest in the all-inclusive plan. A European-style plan allows guests to eat and drink with prices based on consumption. This also enables couples to experience other fine dining in and around the island.

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