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The South Pacific and the Fiji Islands just may be the perfect getaway for either a couple or family. With so many different islands to choose from, a vacation to the South Pacific can be anything that one wants it to be. Whether you are looking for a quiet, secluded beach, or an island that is electrified with night-life and action, any and all possibilities are available in the islands.

Fiji: A Vacation Paradise
If you and that special someone are thinking of getting married, you can have your wedding catered and performed in the style and culture of the islands, or you can have a more traditional wedding performed on one of the white-sand beaches. You should arrive a few days prior to your wedding to allow the wedding planner time to arrange the type of ceremony you want. They can do everything from outfitting you with clothing to arranging the music and food. The bonus is that you don't have to worry about traveling after the wedding. You can simply go back to your own secluded beach to honeymoon, or you can book yourselves into a posh resort.

Island Activities
Activities abound on the islands. You have your choice of scuba diving, wind surfing, hiking, horse back riding, 4-wheeling, mountain biking, or exploring volcanic mountain tops. You can hire a travel guide and escape into the deep rain forests, or tour a working plantation where they grow coconuts, bananas, tapioca, and other various tropical goodies.

If you want to escape into the culture and traditions of the islands, you can sit in on a story telling adventure given by a native of the islands. Their words will transport you to a different time where myths and legends were considered truth. You will learn of various traditions and rituals that were performed by the natives to ward off bad weather conditions, illness, or to ignite the sparks of passion.

If you are more interested in being alone, you can hire your own boat guide. The guide will take you through many uncharted areas that are not visited by many outsiders. Explore the secluded regions of the islands, and you will feel that you have escaped into a different world.

Just Ask and Your Dreams Can Come True
The luxury resorts on the islands of the South Pacific can cater to any individual. You have your choice of many amenities such as spas, salons, boutiques, dining, and entertainment. You can have your own private garden off of your room, or you can stay in the main area where the night life is always happening.

Most resorts offer child care services as well, to give you and your spouse some much-needed alone time. But don't think that your children will sit around bored. There are water parks, swimming, games, story telling and much to keep the little ones occupied while the adults spend some time alone.

Visiting the Fiji Islands can be experienced by almost anyone, even if you have a modest income. Packages are available in all price ranges. The more you pay up front, the easier it will be on the pocket book in the long run. Arrange to have at least two or three activities included in your vacation package.

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