Arlington Hotels And Motels

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Arlington, Virginia is home to some of the most convenient and affordable accommodations in the Washington D.C. area. There are over 40 hotels and motels in Arlington which serve travelers of all types, including vacationers and business travelers. The city offers 11 different Metrorail subway stations in various locations that provide quick transport to the capital city and its many attractions.

Since Washington D.C. is so packed with interesting, educational, and historical sites and museums (many of them free), it's important to carefully plan a trip here. Much information regarding attractions can be found online, complete with suggested itineraries and walking tours to help make sightseeing more efficient and less stressful. Reservations for accommodations in Arlington can also booked online, and maps with desired attractions, shopping, and dining can also be acquired for free.

Another useful tool for planning an Arlington vacation is a calendar of annual events in the D.C. area. These popular events, festivals, and exhibits can significantly affect the availability and rates of accommodations, especially the well-known Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring. It may also be a good idea to try and visit D.C. during the "off-season" from Thanksgiving to March when rates are lower and attractions less crowded.

Places to See in Arlington

The most well known attraction located in Arlington proper is the Arlington National Cemetery. This one area alone can take up a day or more of sightseeing and remembrance given the significance of sites like the Tomb of the Unknowns and both John and Robert Kennedy's graves. Arlington remains an important tourist destination as well as popular meeting place for business conventions and conferences.

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