Attractions In Orlando

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Each year, millions of tourists from all over the world visit the attractions in Orlando. Orlando has been called the theme park capital of the world, and it's hard to dispute that title. Disney World itself contains more than a handful of parks that collectively feature thousands of rides, exhibits, and activities. Moreover, Universal Studios and Sea World both contain hundreds of attractions.

Three Major Attractions in Orlando

Disney World, a place so close to perfect it seems as though taken out of a storybook, has become the most popular of all the attractions in Orlando. The Magic Kingdom contains six smaller parks, each of which could easily stand on its own as a tremendous theme park. It takes an entire day in each park to really know it. People can spend a whole week exploring Disney World without getting around to everything.

Disney aside, many people visit Orlando for Universal Studios, where movie fans and the film industry merge together. Visitors experience the big screen like never before by actually entering their favorite flicks. For example, the E.T. Adventure gives people a chance to do what they have wanted to do since watching this Spielberg classic for the first time--ride a bicycle through the air in front of the moon.

Sea World, the theme park that takes its visitors to the depths of the ocean, also draws millions of people through its gates each year. Featuring amiable marine life, Sea World appeals to its visitors' sense of wonder. Its ability to do so has made it one of the top attractions in Orlando. At night, Sea World presents underwater light shows and flames on water.

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