Discount Orlando Theme Park Passes

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Some resort companies offer discount Orlando theme park passes as incentives for people to try their lodging services and listen to a 90-minute sales presentation. People who accept these offers have the right to not buy the products presented and still keep the their admissions tickets, which are often completely free. In addition, travelers stay in really nice hotel rooms at reduced prices.

Why Companies Offer Discount Orlando Theme Park Passes

Deals this economical may sound too good to be true. Wise shoppers often ask what the catch is. However, these promotions come with no strings attached. Companies that sell expensive products like timeshares need people's complete attention in order to have any chance to sell their products. Even the most frequent travelers rarely seek major purchases like vacation ownership.

Hence, resort companies have found that they need to give things away for free just to get folks to hear them out. It takes them time to explain their services thoroughly enough to persuade people, and short television commercials or newspaper ads just don't cut it. Timeshare companies offer decades of Florida vacation time at rates that save people thousands of dollars, but most people need to hear how it works before committing to anything. Giving people discount Orlando theme park passes has proven to be an effective way of getting vacationers' undivided attention.

The logic behind purchasing a timeshare is sound. Some people who attend these sales presentations with the preconceived notion that they will not buy anything often change their minds. The salespeople never push their products on anyone. They understand that some people just want their discount Orlando theme park passes, and that's okay, because plenty of people who enjoy traveling often see great value in buying timeshares.

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