Discounted Hotel Accommodations

Written by Linda Alexander
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Discounted hotel accommodations are out there, and they're fun to find! But in order to get them, you have to look. To get the best hotel deal, time your stay according to the type of place you are going on vacation.

For example, if you are going to a hotel in a city, it will usually be cheaper on the weekend when business travelers are not staying there. Likewise, if you are staying in a resort area or some other place popular with vacation travelers, it will usually be cheaper during the week.

Searching the Web for Discounted Hotel Accommodations

Another way to find discounted hotel accommodations is to search on the Web. One of the Web's greatest advantages is comparison shopping. The same sites where you would search for discount airfare can often quote hotel room rates for you. You will probably be able to book rooms online as well.

Finally, remember to join hotel loyalty clubs and frequent flyer clubs. With some hotel chains, in as little as a week's stay, you can earn enough points for free nights. So when you're looking for discounted hotel accommodations, rack up those points, and save them for future vacation discounts.

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