Disney Cruise Vacations

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Disney cruise vacations offer the hospitality and service that travelers have come to expect from Disney. These cruises take people to Caribbean destinations like the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and many more tropical locations, allowing people to explore foreign lands. In addition, people have the opportunity to snorkel as well.

People who love visiting Disney World, located inland, and also enjoy the water have the opportunity to take Disney cruise vacations that last anywhere between three and seven days. Some cruises take people to the Bahamas and back in three days, while others take the time to stop at several islands located in the Gulf of Mexico. These stops enable people to purchase souvenirs with no sales taxes.

A wise man once said that enjoying the journey is more important than the destination. Disney cruise vacations include outstanding food and wonderful entertainment. The ship staffs have been well trained on how to treat vacationers, as are all Disney employees.

Disney Cruise Vacations from the Golden State

In addition to the cruises out of Florida, Disney offers a west coast cruise that includes a stop at Disneyland Park. This entertaining boat ride takes vacationers along the California coastline. The California option features all the same amenities as the rides out of Florida.

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