Disney Vacation Homes

Written by Gregg Ruais
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There are a few ways to purchase Disney vacation homes. Of course, people can buy homes near Disney as real estate investors. This requires obtaining a mortgage and making monthly payments. A more cost-effective means of acquiring a place in Orlando is to purchase a timeshare, which is essentially vacation ownership.

Advantages of Timeshares as Disney Vacation Homes

Those who purchase timeshares do not own property. They own vacation time on a piece of property. Since most people take only one or two weeks vacation per year, this option makes more sense than paying hundreds of thousands to actually own a second home. Rather than paying full price for a condo, vacationers split the cost with 25 to 51 other people, each of whom resides in the condo for one or two weeks every year.

Timeshare owners need not worry about maintaining their Disney vacation homes, because the company that owns the property handles the maintenance. Vacationers are only responsible for their rooms during the weeks they use them. Hence, timeshares offer the convenience of hotels and the advantages of ownership. People can rent their timeshares to friends and family and even pass down remaining time in their wills.

While many people consider Disney a paradise, everyone has a little wanderlust in them. Many timeshare companies own condos all over the world. For a small transfer fee, people can exchange their weeks in Disney vacation homes for time in the Caribbean, Europe, California, and many other places as well.

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