Disney Vacation Packages

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Sales on Disney vacation packages offer people a great way to economize when visiting the top tourist attraction in North America, at which travelers tend to spend more money than desired when not paying attention to their shrinking wallets. Some packages include two-day passes throughout all of Disney World, a tremendous deal due to the fact that there are six major parks that make up Disney, which all charge separate admission fees. A few days in Disney is a true getaway, as the people there have perfected the art of customer service.

Some resort companies offer discounted Disney vacation packages to people who fit the profile of their target audience for timeshare sales presentations. These packages include top-notch hotel accommodations and passes to Disney World. Vacationers save hundreds of dollars simply by showing a willingness to learn about timeshares. Those who do not show up for the 90-minute presentation lose their savings, but there really is no reason to skip out.

Disney Vacation Packages and MGM Studios

Fans of the cinema enjoy MGM Studios, one of the top Disney attractions. MGM brings its visitors into the movies, illuminating a side of the entertainment business about which most people know very little. People take tours of replicated movie sets and learn how one set can be used for several different films.

Disney vacation packages that include passes to MGM studios are great for both kids and adults alike. Certain rides are designed to scare the heck out of people, in a good way. The Tower of Terror, for example, which is not recommended for people with heart conditions, takes patrons through an abandoned hotel and then suddenly drops 13 stories. Other rides include movie simulations and tours throughout the entire park. All tours include expert and entertaining narration.

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