Disney Vacations

Written by Gregg Ruais
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People who visit Orlando just once usually say that Disney vacations make the best getaways anywhere in the world. Those who run the park have seemingly found every way possible to ensure that visitors enjoy themselves, from providing world-class entertainment to handling small details like making sure nobody forgets where he or she parked. People of all ages consider Disney a fantasyland.

Having Fun on Disney Vacations

Disney World consists of several enormous parks, to which new rides and exhibits are added each year. However, the classics, such as Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain, rocking roller coasters located in Tomorrow Land and Frontier Land respectively, remain as popular as ever. High velocity rides are only one aspect of this diverse theme park.

Kids and young-at-heart parents enjoy strolling down Mickey Avenue. This exhibit shows visitors how their favorite cartoons are made. Wonderworks, part of Disney that features mirror tricks and optical illusions, gives people the impression they are actually walking on the ceiling, looking up at the floor above. Combat-oriented people suit up for battle at Lazer Tag, a 10,000 square foot arena in which participants zap one another in a grand contest of marksmanship.

Dining options on Disney vacations range from traditional American fare, such as hot dogs and hamburgers, to gourmet cuisine in Downtown Disney. In addition, Disney vacations are never complete without purchasing a few souvenirs. Throughout all major parks, people can buy Disney paraphernalia and unique, wacky items that make great conversation pieces back home.

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