Florida Beach Vacations

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The best time to take Florida beach vacations, most people will agree, is mid-autumn through early spring. The Sunshine State gets extremely hot during the summer months, with temperatures reaching triple digits almost every day. However, those who don't mind the heat can find excellent deals on Florida hotels in May through September.

Where to Take Florida Beach Vacations

One of the trendiest cities in North America, Miami attracts millions of vacationers each year. People spend their mornings and early afternoons sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the warm water. In the evening, people stroll through the South Beach Art Deco District to admire the pastel-colored architecture and eat gourmet food. Miami, Florida beach vacations are incomplete without tasting authentic Cuban cuisine.

Daytona Beach features a seemingly endless expanse of white sand. Many hotels and condos, situated along the Main Street Pier, overlook the Atlantic Ocean and all the fun to be had on the shore. Adventurous vacationers sign up for parasailing, which presents an incredible view of the Florida coastline. People who have no fear or are only mildly afraid of heights consider the parasailing experience rewarding when all is said and done.

Many film connoisseurs take Florida beach vacations during the Sarasota Film Festival, an artistic and prestigious exhibit of lesser-known directors. While staying in Sarasota, people visit the Sarasota Jungle and Gardens, an exotic animal and plant exhibit. Another attraction located in this beach town is the Ringling Mansion, which pays homage to the man who started the world-famous circus.

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