Florida Golf Vacations

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Many golfers who live in northern states take Florida golf vacations during the winter months, when courses in most parts of the country are closed. Avid golfers who live where playing year-round golf is an impossibility miss their sport, and their skills suffer from atrophy during the wintertime. Because of the ideal weather, developers have built courses throughout the Sunshine State.

Florida Golf Vacations for Any Time of Year

Only during the summertime do golfers in New York see ideal conditions in which to play. People do play during the spring and fall, but up north those seasons bring plenty of unfavorable golf weather. During March and April, for example, people play through chilly weather and often have to cancel their tee times due to rain. In Florida, rains usually subside after a fifteen-minute downpour, allowing golfers to continue their games.

Nothing is more frustrating for athletes than honing their skills all summer only to see them deteriorate during the off-season. Florida golf vacations help northerners keep their skills sharp, so when the season starts back home, they pick up right where they left off. The most dedicated players sometimes play two or even three rounds per day on vacation.

Panama City alone has eight golf courses. Tampa Bay also features an extensive selection. Players of all skill levels have fun on Florida golf vacations. Those who enjoy short executive courses have that option in Florida, but people who play seriously can visit several PGA courses as well. Golfers beware. Florida alligators have been known to sneak their way onto the links.

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