Florida Hotels

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Florida hotels vary greatly in terms of price, size, and amenities. Vacationers can easily find no-frills motels for as little as $29 per night, while the most luxurious accommodations will cost hundreds. Cost also depends on location. Hotels located on the outskirts of major cities cost considerably less than lodging based in the center of Disney World.

Many families travel to Florida. Hotel companies plan accordingly. Some Florida hotels rent condominiums rather than regular hotel rooms, because they understand how difficult and uncomfortable it can be to cram a large family into a hotel room, even if they do love one another. Most places that gear their services towards families have on-site swimming pools, which is almost a necessity to keep kids entertained.

Very Affordable Florida Hotels

Some timeshare companies offer specially discounted lodging for those who are willing to listen to a short sales presentation. People who accept these deals should feel no obligation to purchase anything, as they incur no extra charges for attending the presentation and then declining the offer. However, people should keep an open mind about the product, if for no other reason than the fact that it may benefit them financially.

In addition to staying at discounted Florida hotels, those who attend these informative meetings often receive free passes to nearby attractions. People select from a range of options. Between the savings on the room and the free admissions passes, vacationers save hundreds of dollars by simply by listening for 90 minutes to what someone else has to say.

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