Florida Key Vacations

Written by Gregg Ruais
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People take Florida Key vacations in order to escape their everyday lives. These islands have earned their reputations for being party central in South Florida, as many young people flock to the Florida Keys during the winter to work as bartenders or waiters. Why not escape the colder north in favor of palm trees, sun, and parties?

The young population injects the Florida Keys nightlife with energy. Late-night bar hoppers find many well-tanned, good-looking people socializing and enjoying themselves on the town. There are no wilder parties than the ones held by young, single people on vacation.

Things to Do During Florida Key Vacations

These islands exist for vacationers. When the weather is right, Florida Key vacations feel like retreats to utopian beach towns. Bars that serve frozen margaritas and daiquiris overlook the warm, blue waters. These bars make ideal places to just lounge around and make conversation.

In addition, people take Florida Key vacations for the wide selection of water sports. People rent boats, go charter fishing, and surf. Some of the most fun activities include water skiing, tubing, and parasailing. People who love speed rent jet skis and cruise over the ocean waves.

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