Florida Vacation Guide

Written by Gregg Ruais
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People visiting the Sunshine State will benefit greatly from a Florida vacation guide. The sites and draws in Florida are numerous. While some are world famous, others, while fascinating and exciting, are not as well known. Everyone has heard of Disney World, but it takes years of vacationing for someone to experience all the attractions within this massive park that is a city unto itself.

Without a reference source, many visitors will have a difficult time finding what they want to see. A Florida vacation guide informs visitors what is inside Disney World's six major kingdoms and how to get there. For example, the adventurous at heart may want to visit Haunted Mansion, a ride that takes people through a series of special effects, but some first-time visitors may not even know this ride exists, let alone know where it is located.

Florida Vacation Guide for Dining

One of the biggest disappointments people can experience on a vacation is getting psyched up for a great meal and then not enjoying it. For example, most New Yorkers won't accept anything less than pizza that tastes as good it does back home. When Californians pay good money for Mexican food, they don't want to feel like they could get something tastier and cheaper in their own neighborhoods. A Florida vacation guide directs people to the food about which critics rave.

A family of basketball fans may never know about the great food to be eaten at NBA City, located in Universal Studios in Orlando, without consulting a reliable source of information. Florida visitors come from all parts of the world, and so the local businesses cater to a plethora of tastes and interests. Without expert guidance, however, people cannot find what they want.

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