Florida Vacation Packages

Written by Gregg Ruais
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People save a tremendous amount of money on Florida vacation packages when they agree to attend a sales presentation on the advantages of vacation ownership. Because timeshare companies need to reach out to their target audience, they offer vacation discounts to travelers as an incentive just to listen to what they have to say. Those interested have the opportunity to purchase excellently priced vacation time. People who choose not to invest in a timeshare can still enjoy the rest of their discounted getaways.

The cheapest Florida vacation packages cost only $29 per night and include two admission tickets to a local attraction. Vacationers can choose which theme park they want to visit. Just by listening to a presentation, people receive luxurious holiday accommodations, such as spa and beauty treatments for two, at prices they can find nowhere else. There is no obligation to buy anything. The discounts still apply for uninterested parties.

Timeshares and Florida Vacation Packages

Some people who know they will not buy a timeshare attend presentations in order to take advantage of the special rates. However, many of these people change their minds after learning about the advantages of timeshares, which are very economical for those who plan on taking annual vacations anyway. Fixed-rate timeshares offer vacationers the best value.

Having a fixed rate means that investors pay a set fee each year for the duration of the contract. This protects people from inflation or discriminatory price hikes. While the cost of staying in hotels will surely increase steadily over the next 30 years, people who own fixed-rate vacation time will still be paying the same price for Florida vacation packages for three full decades.

Moreover, many timeshares, while cheaper than hotels, are more spacious and offer more amenities. Young couples who plan on starting families together benefit greatly from vacation ownership. Most condos are equipped with kitchenettes and sofa beds. Having a kitchen not only saves money but also can be very convenient, as taking the entire family out for three meals a day can be a chore.

Florida Vacation Packages throughout the State

People can purchase Florida vacation packages for Orlando, Pensacola, Miami, the Florida Keys, and many more areas as well. Year-round warm weather makes the Sunshine State one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country. While Orlando is the theme park capital of the world, coastal Florida offers visitors long expanses of white sand and blue sea.

Travelers can experience the magic of Disney World, the chic and trendy Miami culture, or the serenity of Tallahassee by buying discounted Florida vacation packages. People who visit Florida experience new cultures and exciting nightlife scenes. In addition, many golfers from the northern states travel to Florida during the winter to play.

Not everyone is eligible to receive the great Florida vacation packages offered by timeshare companies. Resorts offer exclusive deals in order to sell their products, and so they reach out only to their target audience, people ages 25-68 who have an annual household income over $40,000. In addition, it is required that, if married, both spouses attend the sales presentation.

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