Florida Vacations

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Florida vacations include activities like playing sports, enjoying trendy nightlife entertainment, and chilling out on Western-style ranches. A diverse state, the one constant throughout is the year-round warm weather. During the wintertime, the evenings and early mornings can bring chilly air, but by mid-afternoon, the temperature usually rises.

Options for Florida Vacations

For some, Florida vacations mean a week of golf. Some golfers find nothing in the world more rewarding than spending a day on the Florida links and then relaxing with a cold beer afterwards. Another popular Florida sport is baseball. Nearly all Major League Baseball teams hold their spring training camps in Florida. Moreover, people who enjoy water skiing and fishing have fun vacationing on the Florida coastline, either on the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean.

Major Florida cities feature social scenes that consist of both locals and people from all over the world. In Downtown Disney, for example, an international crowd gets down inside bars and clubs that feature live music and disc jockeys. Because Disney is a world-class establishment, many couples love its nightlife scene. Because many out-of-towners looking for a good time make up the clientele, singles also enjoy Disney bars and clubs. Miami, however, holds the undisputed title for the trendiest and sexiest social scene in the Sunshine State.

People who spend time on ranches enjoy the most laid back Florida vacations. These getaways consist of horseback riding, spending time in the quiet countryside, and watching rodeos. These vacations give people a taste of the simple life.

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