Fort Lauderdale Dining Clubs

Written by Liza Hartung
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Fort Lauderdale dining clubs are places that not only serve food, but tend to provide some type of entertainment as well. It gives off a bit of a club feel. You can enjoy your food and stay a while for the entertainment. It's a great way to spend your night. You don't have to feel rushed to eat your dinner and get out. You can take your time with appetizers, dinner, dessert and after dinner drinks while you chat and let the music or show surround you.

Types of Fort Lauderdale Dining Clubs

One great place for food and lively fun is the restaurant Howl at the Moon. Don't go here if you can't handle getting up in front of a crowd, because this memorable sing-along piano show encourages participation. If you're in the mood for some Asian food, check out Mai-Kai. They serve wonderful Polynesian dishes from beef to lobster. Sometime during your meal, they will perform an authentic South Seas dance review.

One of the great Fort Lauderdale dining clubs for seafood lovers is 3030 Ocean. They've got live jazz, a famous Raw Bar, a massive wine list and oceanfront views. There are lots of Fort Lauderdale dining clubs that offer live blues and jazz. The Aruba Beach Cafe is a great one for live jazz. They're right on the beach with a tropical setting that you can't help but relax in. Enjoy jazz on Sundays.

The Casablanca Cafe is a great place to go for live blues and jazz. No, Sam will not be there playing the piano. However, they are open late so you can make a night out of it. You can find some great dining clubs just by walking around the town. Stop in somewhere when you hear sounds that you enjoy.

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