Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Bars

Written by Liza Hartung
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There are hundreds of Fort Lauderdale restaurant bars. Well, there might not be hundreds, but it can certainly feel that way. You can walk down almost any street in Fort Lauderdale and come across lots of bars that look appealing. Restaurant bars are a little different from, say, bars in clubs. They have a more laid-back atmosphere, and you can hear other people talk without having to shout.

Grabbing a drink and/or an appetizer at one of the many Fort Lauderdale restaurant bars is the perfect activity before heading to see a movie. It's also fun if you have a long wait at a restaurant or it's just too early to go to dinner yet. Maybe you had a late night the night before and you're looking for something a bit more relaxing. Head to a restaurant bar and hang out. Sometimes it's more fun to sit up at the bar and eat.

Finding Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Bars

You can pretty much find Fort Lauderdale restaurant bars wherever you go. Take a shower, get ready and head down the street. You are bound to come across a place that strikes you. You can stop at a bar where there is live music, sports on the television or a great Happy Hour. Whatever mood you are in, you can find a bar that suits it.

Tavern 213 is a great coffee house and bar. They've got live jazz and blues going on most nights of the week. You can even start your evening at a restaurant bar, or grab a late lunch there. Find a place that suits you and enjoy.

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