Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Reviews

Written by Liza Hartung
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When vacationing in the south of Florida, many of us will want to look at Fort Lauderdale restaurant reviews. This will give you a great sense of where to eat. You can learn what kind of cuisine the places have, how expensive they are, if they have any specialties and if they have any live entertainment. If you don't have a little travel guide, I suggest doing a search on the Internet. You will find hundreds of reviews on hundreds of restaurants. I'll help give you a little idea of what's out there.

Great Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Reviews

I haven't read many, actually any, bad Fort Lauderdale restaurant reviews. That's good news! Wherever you go, you are likely to enjoy your meal and have a good experience. Although, if you are allergic to peanuts I wouldn't suggest that you go to an Asian restaurant and have chicken with sesame cashew sauce. If you want to stay away from the Asian cuisine, try Ole Ole! It's a Mexican restaurant with excellent Margaritas!

When you're looking for a little international flavor, try the Sage French Cafe. Fort Lauderdale restaurant reviews will tell you that they have amazing crepes. The seafood crepe will have you craving it the next day. It's also cozy and romantic; a great place to bring your date. Lunch is a little pricey, but they keep the same prices for dinner, so it's not that bad.

When you want to sit down, relax, and not spend much money, try Shirttail Charlie's. This restaurant is tucked away from the big tourist crowd. It sits on the edge of the New River giving way to nice views. If you have children, they will have a blast playing in the pool. They've got paper plates and plastic utensils, so don't worry about dressing up.

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