Ft Lauderdale Entertainment

Written by Liza Hartung
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When you're out and about in southern Florida, you will be happy to know that the Ft. Lauderdale entertainment scene is amazing. You could be there for months and never go to the same restaurant twice, see the same band or see the same live entertainment show. Of course, if you like a particular restaurant or band, you will probably have them appear more than once on your schedule.

Ft. Lauderdale entertainment is a never-ending stream of fun. From the moment the sun rises until the moment it sets, and all the moments in between, you can find something to do. There are festivals scattered throughout the year. These are generally all day and into the night. You can find great bars and restaurants for evening time. Then, when you're really ready to party and make it a long night, find some of those clubs and bars that stay open past 2am.

Festive Ft. Lauderdale Entertainment

When it comes to having lively, entertaining festivals that everyone can enjoy, Ft. Lauderdale is the place. One of the most fascinating and enjoyable times to be had is at the Ocean Fest. It's three exciting days of underwater concerts, treasure hunts and dive trade shows. For those who want to put a wrinkle or two in their brain, there are on going seminars on ocean life. You'll also enjoy a variety of Caribbean and Cajun seafood.

Ft. Lauderdale entertainment is on the ball when it comes to jazz and blues music. You can find live jazz and blues somewhere in this town every night. When you want to feel you are in a tropical paradise and be soothed by some jazz, go over to Aruba Beach Cafe on Sundays. Their beachfront, tropical setting rocks with the sounds of trumpets, bass and drums.

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