Golfing In Orlando

Written by Linda Alexander
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Golfing in Orlando can be a vacation in itself, or you can add golfing to your already action-packed trip to Orlando. With over 100 courses of its own, Orlando is a favorite golfing destination. Courses are open 12 months out of the year; from December through May, you'll avoid crowds, too.

Golfing in Orlando is in a league of its own. Think about the wonderful climate, the number of great instructors, and practice areas. The over 1,200 golf courses in Florida have been built by some of the biggest names in golfing and architecture.

Practicing Golfing in Orlando

What's even better than playing golf at these courses? Practicing your game in Orlando. Many of the better practice areas are open to the public and are located at some of the best golf courses in the US. While some might argue that there's no variety among Florida golf courses, you have to admit the weather can't be beat.

So whether you have an extra day to golf after a business trip, want to add some golfing to your family vacation, or choose to visit a self-contained golf resort, Orlando is your destination. Golfing in Orlando can even be made into a lifestyle, with the abundance of golf course communities being built. If you love golf that much, you might consider living in a golf development.

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