Nightlife In South Florida

Written by Liza Hartung
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The nightlife in South Florida can rival that of any city's. It's spectacular. You can always find something to do and there is always a party to join. The nightclubs are jumping, the beach is romantic and sound of live jazz, blues and other bands fills the night air. If you're worried about what to do after dinner, it's all taken care of. Whether you want to party the night away, or go to sleep feeling like you got your fill of culture, South Florida delivers.

When you want to hit up the best clubs, you've got to look your best. If you are going to make your night about trying to get into the A-list clubs, you can do it, but you need to know how to get in. For many of them, the bouncers will pick those with the craziest or sexiest outfits. This is especially true if you go to Crowbar. Celebrities often frequent this wild dance club, so the velvet rope policy is very strict.

Never Ending Nightlife in South Florida

The nightlife in South Florida isn't just about clubs. There is also one of the best live jazz and blues scenes this side of New Orleans. The Pier Top Lounge is a great place to hear jazz. They have live jazz bands Thursdays through Sundays. It's a rooftop cocktail lounge with views to die for. For live blues and jazz every day, try the Poor House. For a more relaxed feel, check out Tavern 213. It's a coffee place with a bar.

There is also an outstanding theater scene as part of the nightlife in South Florida. You can see lots of plays, one of the venues being outside under the stars. When you really need a dose of culture, go to the opera. South Florida offers nightlife for all walks of life.

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