Orlando Attractions

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Orlando attractions draw millions of tourists each year. The theme park center of North America, Orlando offers singles, couples, and families a complete escape from everyday life. Few other cities in the entire world make visitors feel at once so welcomed and entranced by the perfection of their surroundings. Orlando boasts of enormous water parks, educational and fun animal exhibits, world-class entertainment, and a degree of hospitality found nowhere else in the world.

One of several Orlando water parks is called Wet n' Wild. Upon arriving at this open-air park, visitors see a series of tubes, slides, and flumes that snake hundreds of yards throughout the park. Wet n' Wild rides are known for their adrenaline-inducing velocities. However, this Orlando attraction does offer slower rides for the faint of heart.

Orlando Attractions and Entertainment

Universal Studios is a haven for movie buffs and people who are fascinated with modern technology. Universal tours uncover some of Hollywood's best kept secrets, such as how directors manipulate their sets to replicate natural disasters. Other features of the park bring patrons into the movies, like the 4-D Shrek show, which makes audience members feel like they are in the movie. Cartoon characters sneeze all over the audience, and an army of bugs passes under the movie goers' feet. This type of visitor interaction is a trademark of Orlando attractions.

Other Orlando attractions include City Walk, where people enjoy block parties, discos, and live music, and Downtown Disney. Reggae fans can visit Bob Marley's for top-notch Jamaican music. In addition, this area offers numerous dining options for adults and children.

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