Orlando Business Travel Info

Written by Linda Alexander
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Depending on the type of Orlando business travel information you need, I recommend several favorite resources. For general travel information, my first place to check would be online. There is a wealth of information to be found on local websites, newsgroups, and message boards.

For weather and airline information, check weather and airline websites. For hotel information, any travel agent will be glad to help you. So will the major travel companies, as well as travel websites. For more specific Orlando business travel information, such as dress code at a convention, check with the organizers.

Sources of Orlando Business Travel Information

Business journals and other periodicals are another favorite source of Orlando business travel information. If you are looking for current news on traveling in Orlando, or for specific statistics, these periodicals are unsurpassed. You might also ask the chamber of commerce, convention center and visitor's bureau, or travel industry associations for the information you need.

Finally, when seeking information, it's best to know what you need up front. That way, when you do get in touch with the right sources, you'll know exactly what to ask for. The more specific you are, the better they will be able to help you.

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