Orlando Florida Hotels And Motels

Written by Stephanie Dula
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With so much to see and do in and around Orlando, it's no wonder the city boasts a huge selection of hotels and motels from which to choose. With a little bit of planning ahead of time, visitors will be ensured the highest quality vacation at the best price possible. Nowadays, online travel companies offer convenient reservation booking on the Internet, complete with maps and information about area attractions, shopping, and dining.

It's impossible not to think of the legendary theme park that is the Walt Disney World Resort when considering all that Orlando has to offer. The Disney campus is comprised of four separate theme parks, in addition to two water parks, a full-size sports complex, and numerous nightlife and entertainment spots. There are also several areas devoted to international cuisine and first-rate shopping.

Walt Disney World is also home to many different types of themed accommodations located right on-premises. These include value and moderately priced resorts, villas, and campgrounds. Being so close to the action is convenient, but in many cases more expensive than other areas of Orlando.

Orlando Vacation Deals

While lodgings in Orlando may be priced higher in general than other areas of the country, hotels and motels continually offer perks and incentives to draw in budget-conscious consumers. Many offer free transport to and from parks and attractions, as well as discounts on ticket prices, or coupons to area restaurants. Since Orlando is a basically tourist-driven town, competition provides numerous ways to save on activities, attractions, and dining for the well-prepared traveler.

Orlando also boasts some incredible non-Disney attractions as well, including Universal Studios Florida, which includes two of its own theme parks. SeaWorld Adventure Park also makes its home in Orlando, and it's often considerably less crowded and overwhelming than a typical day at Disney World. Tickets to all of these parks as well as Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay can be purchased in a single package that may save considerable money for those with high ambition.

Easy Access from Orlando

One of the best things about staying in one of many Orlando accommodations is the easy access it provides to other areas of Florida. Nearby Lake Buena Vista is the actual home of Walt Disney World as well as scores of more mellow attractions. This community, as well as the Kissimmee area, provides more choices for those looking to book a reservation in a hotel or motel around Orlando.

Many people who stay in the Orlando area do so because of its central location and easy access to both coasts. Florida abounds in smaller, charming beach communities as well as large urban coastal areas like Miami and Tampa Bay. Visitors have the choice of some to the top-rated beaches in the country, including Clearwater and Jacksonville.

When planning a trip to Orlando in particular, it's a good idea to check out all the tools the Internet has to offer travelers. In a place like Orlando where attractions are too numerous to list, visitors can benefit from viewing area maps and creating online itineraries at several free travel websites. Those who are armed with as much knowledge as possible about the Orlando area, including local transportation possibilities, will be better prepared for a quality vacation experience.

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