Orlando Florida Sea World

Written by Gregg Ruais
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One of the hottest attractions in Central Florida, Orlando Florida Sea World features the most well trained water-dwelling animals in the world. In fact, judging from the way these dolphins and whales interact with their audiences, it appears that they consider themselves human. Moreover, this amusement park provides exceptionally fun playgrounds for kids and the opportunity to buy souvenirs people will find nowhere else.

Things to Do at Orlando Florida Sea World

Named after Orlando's most famous whale, Shamu's Happy Harbor offers parents a respite, as this playground entertains children for hours. Upon entering Shamu's Happy Harbor, visitors see palm trees and colorful flamingos, which set a playful mood in this paradise for kids. Children frolic through tunnels and climb netting, working up a sweat for the water rides that will eventually cool them off. In addition, the Harbor features slides and a water maze.

Orlando Florida Sea World visitors who want to take home a sophisticated conversation piece can dive for pearls at Oyster's Secret. At the bottom of a glass water tank lay oysters with pearls inside. People watch as expert swimmers collect stones and carry them back to the surface. An on-site specialist turns these natural pearls into wearable jewelry.

Orlando Florida Sea World has recently been improved. Visitors can now stay until dark, when flames on the water and underwater light shows dazzle spectators. This grand finale brings closure to a fascinating day in one of Florida's best theme parks.

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