Restaurants In South Florida

Written by Liza Hartung
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Is anyone out there looking for some good restaurants in South Florida? Well, you could be looking for a long time. This is not because there aren't any good ones. This is because there are too many good ones. You will find so many that you won't know where to go. You may say, "I'll just go to an Italian/seafood/Asian place, because that is what I am in the mood for." Well, you're going to find a ton of great restaurants in every category.

Let's say you're on the hunt for a great Asian restaurant. You just can't get the idea of steamed rice and soy sauce off your mind. I'll suggest a few places. The first is Jade Palace. They have wonderful dishes from basic sesame chicken to the more exotic lobster Cantonese. You might also want to try the Polynesian restaurant Mai-Kai. They have original dishes consisting of everything from beef to lobster. You will also have the pleasure of watching an authentic South Seas dance review.

Delicious Restaurants in South Florida

If you're craving a bit of the local, fresh seafood for dinner, you will have some excellent choices of restaurants in South Florida. For a wonderful dining experience, I suggest you try 3030 Ocean. They have live jazz, a famous Raw Bar and a massive wine list. You'll also be glad to know this restaurant has ocean front property.

You can always find your basics like Subway, Burger King and Sbarro, but for something a little more exotic, try the Black Orchid Cafe. This is not a cheap menu, but your taste buds will say you get what you pay for at this place. They have dishes of buffalo, elk and ostrich. Also, one bite of the Lobster ala Whiskey, and you'll be back for dinner the following night. If none of these suggestions strike you, do a little searching on restaurants in South Florida.

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