Sea World Orlando

Written by Gregg Ruais
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A trip to Sea World Orlando instills memories of wonderment in children and adults alike. Both entertaining and educational, Sea World reveals the mysteries of the deep seas and makes patrons laugh at the same time. The park staff trains the marine life to be sociable with people, making the experience interactive and safe for all visitors.

Sea World Orlando presents visitors with many great photo opportunities. Parents often take snapshots of their kids smiling widely as Shamu the whale rises above the surface to say hello. Moreover, kids have the opportunity to pet and feed live dolphins, which act as if they are one in the same as their human visitors. Giant sea turtles inspire awe in people who usually think of sluggish, six-inch-long amphibians when they hear the word turtle.

Options at Sea World Orlando

Sea World is a tremendous park, and many visitors have no idea where to start once they enter. One option is to take the Adventure Express Tour, a six-hour agenda that includes a number of shows and rides. Those who purchase this package feed dolphins and sea lions. Moreover, they have the luxury of skipping to the front of long lines. This may cost extra cash, but waiting in line is no way to spend a day in the Florida sun.

The Sea World Orlando Polar Expedition includes the feeding of penguins and the opportunity to learn more about animals that dwell in the cold waters up north. Those fascinated by sharks and killer whales can watch an exhibit called Predators. In addition, Sea World has a game room in which people play games for prizes and toys.

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