South Beach Accommodations

Written by Krystin Spellman
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With more than 100 places to stay, South Beach accommodation choices range from large scale hotels to intimate villas. Most South Beach nights are filled with music and dance, allowing neon signs and laughter to prevail. Nevertheless, despite all the excitement and bustle that Miami has to offer, it is still possible to escape and have a quiet vacation in South Beach, quietly hidden away from the tourist crowds.

Beach Homes, Apartments, and Hotels

As opposed to staying in a large condominium or hotel, consider spending your days in a private beach house, close to the natural beauty South Beach has to offer. Enjoy quiet white sand beaches and the sound of the ocean at your door. Most beach homes have anywhere from two to five bedrooms, many offering a concealed pool area for additional privacy. These homes range from modest bungalows to exceptionally lavish villas. Prices for these accommodations will set you back anywhere from 600 to 5,000 dollars per week.

Furnished apartments are also available throughout South Beach and range from the affordable to the extravagant. For as little as 100 dollars a night, you can stay within walking distance to the beach and other popular restaurants and night clubs. These reasonably priced apartments often include access to small fitness centers and beautiful swimming pools.

While larger hotels are less private, they do offer activities and vacation packages that make them perfect for traveling families. For travelers who enjoy hotel conveniences with the promise of an active nightlife, be sure to select a hotel that promotes music and lobby gatherings. Some of the most sophisticated hotels in South Beach are famous for their own DJ hosted parties, perfect for those who want to hit the dance floor quickly.

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