South Florida 18 And Over Clubs

Written by Liza Hartung
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South Florida 18 and over clubs are some of the greatest of their kind I have ever seen. I have been to major cities all around the world so I can tell you that South Florida can compete with the best. It's no fun when you are under 21, you want to go out and have a good time with the clubbing scene and you can't seem to find anywhere that will admit you.

Sure, there will be clubs that you can't get into unless you are 21 or over, but there are whole bunches of wonderful clubs that you can get into. Take Illusions for instance. They play solid techno and sell glowstix. If that's your scene, this is the place to go. However, you could be more into Goth. If that's the case, try Castle. You can also just ask around for some suggestions. The locals and regulars can give you great ideas.

A Few South Florida 18 and Over Clubs

When you've made a last-minute decision to go out and you are frantically searching for South Florida 18 and over clubs, what do you do? Ask for directions to Elements. It's got a great atmosphere with a VIP Bubbleroom Lounge and a 1200 square foot dance floor. You get all that for only a $5 cover. Twilight is another option for under 21. They play a great mix of house, techno and breaks.

When you want to make your night more than just dancing, I suggest checking out Sugarlids. As far as South Florida 18 and over clubs go, this one has it all. If you get tired of dancing on the checkered dance floor, go play a game of pool on one of the many pool tables. You can also grab a drink and take a break on a couch or love seat. For a little friendly competition, play some of the video games.

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It would be nice if you post

It would be nice if you post the friggin address for us tourist!