South Florida Night Life

Written by Liza Hartung
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The South Florida night life is one of the most happening nightlife scenes in the eastern part of the United States. Some of you may know this from experience. Some of you may have heard rumors and tales. Others may have had no idea, but now you want some more information. If you like clubs, bars, live entertainment, summer nights and the beach, this is the vacation place for you.

If you like to stay up as late as humanly possibly with light sticks in your mouth, South Florida night life has some all-night raves that you might just fall in love with. South Florida is also a haven for live music. You can find bands, singers and other performers in clubs, bars, and restaurants, inside, outside and on the waterfront. You can stay there for months and see a different band every single night. This is also a great place to play if you are a performer.

The South Florida night life scene is geared toward everyone. Families and kids can go see bands, magic shows and have fun nights on the beach. Couples as well as singles can find their niches all over the place. For an amusing and no doubt memorable night out, try the bar Howl at the Moon. It's open until four in the morning on the weekends and has a sing-along piano show. Audience participation is encouraged!

A Night on the Town with South Florida Night Life

If you are looking for a bit of a swankier, upscale evening, try Vin '51. This romantic bistro and bar is decked out with mahogany wood and plush leather couches. You will go home feeling satiated considering that the chef is a graduate of the Cordon Bleu Institute of London. Oh, and don't forget the live music and dancing on the weekends.

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