Universal Frequent Traveler Programs

Written by Linda Alexander
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If you're not a frequent traveler, you can join universal frequent traveler programs and easily earn credit for the amount of traveling you do. Nowadays, universal frequent traveler programs have outside partners such as long distance carriers and credit cards. So even if you don't fly very often, it is easier than ever to earn miles.

Kinds of Universal Frequent Traveler Programs

Universal frequent traveler programs also include hotel chain loyalty programs. With many of them, one vacation's worth of hotel nights will earn you free stays for next time. Combine these with your air miles and credit card purchases, and you'll be able to afford more and more travel as time goes by.

Aside from saving money on travel, there are other benefits to using frequent traveler programs. Often, you can get discounts on other products offered only through the traveler programs. And you can't beat that feeling of importance you get when you are allowed to cut ahead of the line and board a plane first, when you do travel.

So no matter where you travel and how often, check out frequent traveler programs. Whether you're a business traveler looking for perks, or a leisure traveler saving miles, you're sure to earn miles easier than ever before. Plus, unless you're a member, you won't know about special discounts or other members-only benefits.

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