Universal Resorts

Written by Linda Alexander
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Universal resorts offer families easy access to the theme parks, as well as a convenient location for some mid-afternoon downtime. The advantage to staying on-site is that the location is convenient to the parks, dining is nearby, and if you need to take a quick shower or nap between activities, Universal resorts make it easy. However, they might not be so kind to your wallet.

Universal Resorts: On-Site or Off-Site?

Staying at a budget hotel or even a more upscale hotel that is off-site will more than likely save some money. Plus, with so many choices for accommodations in Orlando, it's likely that you won't be too far from Universal anyway. All of the hotels around the area are familiar with vacation travelers, and will be able to help you with your daily plans.

Another advantage to staying at off-site Universal resorts is that you won't be stuck in one place throughout your entire trip. So if you're planning to do more with your vacation than visit Universal Studios, it is to your advantage to stay off-site. For example, you might want to spend four days at the theme parks, then have a few days golfing, visiting WDW, or driving out to the beaches. Why spend extra money at an on-site resort if your whole trip won't be spent there?

On the other hand, you might not find the same convenience or amenities elsewhere. So before choosing a hotel at Universal, give it some thought. Finally, consider splitting the trip, staying off-site for a few days, and on-site during your visit to the theme park. That will save you some time, stress, and money--leaving you free to spend it on fun!

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